What is a Wildlife Management Area (WMA)?

A conservation land requiring a special level of protection and management may sometimes be designated as a “wildlife management area.” This designation under Section 4 of the BC Wildlife Act gives the ministry additional tools to to manage the land and associated land uses. Wildlife management areas can be designated by the Minister of Environment with consent from the Lieutenant Governor in Council (i.e. the provincial cabinet), provided the Minister has administration of the land. A single wildlife management area may incorporate lands which the ministry has secured through acquisition, transfer of administration, or long term lease.
There are currently 23 wildlife management areas in BC, ranging in size from the 17-hectare Coquitlam River WMA to the 122,787-hectare Todagin WMA. For information on wildlife and habitat values and on other activities that may be taking place in specific wildlife management areas, click here. Other frequently asked questions about WMAs are answered below.